New York, NY – On Friday night, NBC will air its long anticipated story, The Resurrection of Jesus?  Teasers have hailed the two-hour special as “groundbreaking.”  John Lawson, director of the documentary, explained, “You will hear interpretations of Jesus’ resurrection that you have never heard before.”

Spoiler Alert:  Having seen an exclusive screening of the show, The Bald Prophet can report that the possible interpretations offered in the film include the disciples stole the body from the tomb, and they imagined Jesus rose from the dead.

Some members of the audience at the screening were amazed by the new information.  One said, “How has no one ever thought of the possibility of Jesus’ body being stolen from the tomb?”

In an effort to provide a balanced treatment of the issue, Lawson said, “We brought in scholars like Ben Witherington to broaden the scholarly perspectives.”  After Witherington’s telling of the Easter story in his office accompanied by no background music, he never appears again, allowing Elaine Pagels, Bart Ehrman, and others to take over with the help of dramatic music, sweeping cinematography, and fast-paced editing.

Don’t miss the show on Friday night.  You won’t know what Reza Aslan is eating, but you will be absolutely certain Reza Aslan holds a PhD.

Photo Credit: dominicatorumstudiorum Flickr via Compfight cc


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