Williamstown, KY – Not to be left out in the midst of the plethora of reviews and alternative options to Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option, Ken Ham has offered his own proposal.  He calls it the “Ark Option.”

“In this society which has departed from God’s literal Word to embrace evolutionary theory and an old earth, young earth Christians will form communities in each state around an Ark,” explained Ham.  “Not only is society falling to the falsehood of evolution, but the churches are too.  In this time of crisis, we need to form Noahite communities to preserve us under the waves of the Darwinian flood.”

Utilizing public funds resulting in little economic impact for communities, Christians will live intentional lives together filled with work and order first building the ark and then tending to animals on the ark.  Inspired by the recent plan to resurrect woolly mammoths, dinosaurs will be recreated to have two of each kind.  For entertainment, community members will participate in prediluvian gladiatorial battles with dinosaurs to truly live out the biblical world.

Ham said, “We have given up trying to influence the scientific empire.  Instead, we will stick to communities with dinosaurs.”

The Ark Communities hope to attract a more diverse community, because 6-year-old boys are the only ones yet to respond.

Photo Credit: Largeguy1 Flickr via Compfight cc


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