On March 8th women celebrated International Women’s Day with rallies and A Day Without a Woman.  This meant women stayed home from jobs, sometimes with employer permission, resulting in school closings in some locations.  To further demonstrate the economic value of women, women were supposed to abstain from shopping.

Unforeseen to organizers of this event, and the previous Women’s March, men were also attracted to the idea of not working.  Bob Farrar of Raleigh, NC explained, “I wanted to stay home from work too.  What’s better than a vacation day? Not shopping on a vacation day!”

When Farrar explained to his supervisor he was observing the day, his supervisor baulked.  “The Fire Chief wasn’t going to let me off, but I explained I was a woman,” said Farrar.  “The Chief immediately said, ‘Oh, ok then, you can gladly take the day.  I’m sure nothing will burn down.’”

Due to similar scenarios occurring all around the country, and no way to deny the identification of men based on biology, the government has designated March 8th, Human Day.  (Men refer to it as Father’s Day II.)

Immediately following the announcement, PETA protested the day as speciesism.  Next year squirrels are expecting a leisurely day not foraging for food.


Photo Credit: Edhat_SB Flickr via Compfight cc


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