Seattle, WA — Liberals didn’t believe that Donald Trump would Make America Great Again, and they still don’t.  But, for at least some, President Trump has made Leviticus great again.

Trump breathed new life into Leviticus for Mark Jones, a member of the United Church of Christ and a Clinton supporter. One of his conservative, Christian, co-workers says, “I would quote Leviticus on homosexuality when we debated gay marriage.  He would always respond that Leviticus was not written by Moses, it’s just reflection of man’s search for God and not inspired, and it only applied to the culture of Israel, not to us in the 21st century.  But, lately, Mark has been quoting Leviticus.”

Jones was searching for biblical passages to respond to Trump’s “Muslim ban,” and he found it in Leviticus:  “There are passages about caring for foreigners.  I have been citing them and other Old Testament passages to Christian Facebook friends that support the ban.  I really love it when God’s Word speaks the political issues of our time.”

While researching the refugee issue, Jones was amazed at other passages that really speak to his personal beliefs:  “Leviticus 19 affirms my views on uncooked meat, marred beards, and painful tattoos.”

Jones has also been showing others how Jesus was a refugee when his family fled to Egypt.  He has yet to explain how he reconciles this with his previous position that Matthew and Luke fabricated the birth narratives, and the Egypt trip was simply to make Jesus look like a new Moses.

Under his leadership, Jones’s small group will be switching from weekly discussion of John Pavlovitz’s blog to the Historical Books of the Old Testament to learn the dangers of requesting a king.

Photo Credit: bwdenman Flickr via Compfight cc

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