Washington, DC – Since Donald Trump took office, a memo was secretly released to Democrats on the Hill to guide their dealings with the new threat.  In an effort to stop the President from destroying the nation, they have found conservative principles and activities to be the greatest means to protect the freedom of the People.  The memo from Nancy Pelosi says:

  • Religious freedom is of utmost importance and religious groups must be defended at all costs (excluding evangelicals and Catholic nuns).
  • Ignore the phrase “Do Your Job!” when it comes to confirming qualified Supreme Court Justices you don’t like.
  • Emphasize freedom of conscience over law and duty (unless it is Kim Davis).
  • Stand against Executive Orders as an overreach of power.
  • Emphasize states’ rights now that we have discovered the 10th Amendment (except for the rights of Texas, Georgia, and Alabama).

The Bald Prophet is appreciative to Vladimir Putin for personally breaking into Nancy Pelosi’s office and hand-delivering this memo to us.

Photo Credit: scrippscollege Flickr via Compfight cc

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