Raleigh, NC – Gut-busting laughs have been heard in the library at Raleigh Christian College due to a group of freshmen reading the Restoration Herald.  Jessica Babcock, explained, “It all started during our first week of college when a couple of professors were reading it and laughing hysterically, so we figured it was our Movement’s version of Mad Magazine.”

“Every month we eagerly awaited for it to show up at the library, so we could read it together,” explained Joel Winters.  “We thought we had run across the motivation for the Babylon Bee, because, surely, nobody who claims to be about unity would ever write those kind of things about fellow believers.”

A few students had initial doubts about the periodical’s satirical genre, but they were overcome:  “We always wondered, because there was generally an article in there by some Merold guy that didn’t seem very satirical and was actually really good,” said Babcock. “We just thought that was part of the beauty of the magazine.”

Students still meet every month to read the magazine.  They can be identified on campus by the “Make the Restoration Movement Great Again” buttons on their backpacks.

By Mark Molten

Photo Credit: cfdtfep Flickr via Compfight cc


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