Dr. David Allen, long-time opponent of Reformed Theology, faced criticism after tweeting on January 18th that copies of his new book in favor of unlimited atonement would be given away at an upcoming pastors’ conference. The tweet read: “The first 1000 registrants receive a free copy of my book!” Almost immediately, complaints began to flood in calling this act of injustice into question. “What love is this?” asked Dave Hunt, who discovered that he was the 1,001 registrant. As this perceived injustice was called into question, Dr. Allen took to Twitter with a string of responses:

“Is there injustice on B&H Publishing’s part? By no means! They will give books to whomever they will. Who are you, O man, to answer back to B&H Publishing? So what if I and the publisher chose to give books to only 1000 registrants? Did I not create the book and can choose to freely give it to whomever I will?”

When interviewed by The Bald Prophet, Dr. Allen commented, “At first, I was shocked that anyone would complain about a publisher graciously giving books away. However, what happened next brought about a change in my thinking that will forever shape my ministry and life.”

Allen explained that a Calvinist friend reached out and lovingly walked him through Romans 9. Dr. Allen was amazed to see that the complaints raised against him, and the responses he had made in defense, were eerily similar to the clear and straightforward language of Paul regarding the doctrines of grace. Dr. Allen declared, “My eyes were opened and saw this truth: if a Christian publisher has a right to give away books to whomever they wish, surely God has the right to extend his free grace to whom he chooses.” No longer able to resist the will of God, Dr. Allen renounced his opposition and embraced all five points of Calvinism.

The Bald Prophet is waiting for responses from B&H Publishing regarding the fate of Allen’s newly published book and from Dr. Paige Patterson as to whether he will ask Dr. David Allen to leave Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and teach at a Presbyterian seminary.

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