Tulsa, OK – When Jesus returned last week, he was disappointed there wasn’t much excitement from the Young, Restless, and Reformed crowd he visited at a local pub.  “At first, they didn’t even notice me,” said Jesus.  “They were very busy talking about their IPAs, porters, and stouts.  After I introduced myself there was greater interest, but most of the questions revolved around how soon the Arminians will be damned and when I would deal with the ‘heretic’ N. T. Wright.”

Fred, one of the YRR members at the pub, explained, “It was really cool to see Jesus.  He is a really great guy, but I couldn’t believe what he did.  He stepped in front of a mirror.  Does he not know this is a Second Commandment violation?  We would never be caught dead with nativity scenes or pictures of Him in our houses.”

Jesus said, “It was really strange.  Did they not know I am the God-Man?  Have they not read John of Damascus?”

The group reportedly plans to keep a close eye on Jesus on Sunday.  “He was talking about some work he had to do on Sunday.  We just can’t allow that on the Sabbath,” said Fred.


Photo Credit: akahawkeyefan Flickr via Compfight cc


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