Athens, GA – Local Southern Baptist, Wayne Peters, was disappointed that the recent proposal to ban the burqa was withdrawn.  “You know, we shouldn’t let people walk around with their faces covered,” said Peters in full Georgia Bulldogs face paint with a cross tattooed on his forearm.  “It makes it hard to identify people.  It’s scary and strange. It just don’t look right.  It just ain’t right.”

When asked how he reconciled the Baptist position on religious liberty, with his position, he replied, “Well, bless your heart.  That’s different.  American religious liberty isn’t for all religions, just the ones we like. You know, ‘I don’t like France much,’ as momma used to say, but they really have some good ideas on this.  Their ban has really worked out well for them.”

Peters’ views were not changed by the examples of French bans on nativity scenes.  Peters told us he plans to spend his holiday season boycotting Starbucks for its cups, malls that ban nativity scenes, and protesting at schools that ban performances of nativity plays.

Further conversation with Peters was stifled by his Cherry Bomb Glasspacks.

By The Bald Prophet and Eddy Sanders

Photo Credit: Bferrrg Flickr via Compfight cc


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