Sarasota, FL – Martin Sweet, 39, has been a Republican all his life.  “Even before he could vote, he watched the debates and was a convinced Republican,” said his mom, Kathy.  “Once he could vote, he always voted Republican.  Have you seen Family Ties?  He was the Alex Keaton in our family of Democrats.”

This year, Sweet stuck with his party loyalties and voted for Trump, even in the primaries.  He was convinced that he would “Make American Great Again.”

His father, Lewis, was originally dismayed by his Trump support, and ultimate win, but now he sees some positives in Martin’s views:  “It’s really strange.  He never supported Paid Family Leave, parts of Obamacare, pro-choice state laws, transgender people using the restroom they choose, and the Obergefell decision, but he does now, because Trump does.”

“Republicans attacking Trump are sore losers,” said Sweet.  “He has really great ideas, the best ideas.  No one thought of these ideas before.”

Photo Credit: colinhouckphoto Flickr via Compfight cc


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