As Election Day approaches, the potential first-spouses for President are campaigning as surrogates for their spouses’ campaigns to motivate voters in these final hours. Today the tension between the spouses reached an all-time high as they hosted dueling press conferences to highlight their first-spouse agenda for the White House.

Melania Trump held a press conference outside of Trump Towers in Manhattan to further detail her anti-bullying agenda announced last week. “It is time that cyber-bullying receive the attention it deserves,” said Mrs. Trump. “Men are using Twitter as a platform for harassment and intimidation. As first lady, I pledge to do my part to end cyber-bullying. I will encourage Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to develop filtering software to end cyber-bullying. If you elect my husband, we will stop the culture of intimidation and harassment.”

Not to be outdone, Former President Bill Clinton has announced his platform as potential presidential spouse. The former President held a press conference today outside of the Values Voters Conference Center in Las Vegas, Nevada to announce that he will pledge Clinton Foundation money to host a annual summit on Values if his wife is elected to the highest office in the land. President Clinton stated, “Long-held values such as honesty, integrity, and chastity have been overlooked in this Presidential year of bickering. The men and women of this country deserve politicians committed to truth and integrity.  If you elect my wife, we will build that legacy together.”

By Mindy Moral

Photo Credit: carajomundo1 Flickr via Compfight cc

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