Nashville, TN — Even though LifeWay Bookstores does not discuss decisions related to production selection for its stores, Wikileaks has leaked an email that contains the internal policy.  This is particularly enlightening with the recent decision to not carry Amy Grant’s new Christmas album, Tennessee Christmas.

  1. Jesus must be mentioned in every chorus of every song on an album.
  2. Average musicianship and songwriting is required.
  3. When in doubt, remember “average” means “a lot of people will like—and buy—it.”
  4. No artists highlighted by Under the Radar are permitted.
  5. All music must bring a smile to the face and have a cheery message.
  6. Music must be family-friendly.
  7. Songs that discuss romance are forbidden.
  8. Fun is banned.
  9. Songs about mundane life are anathema and have no use occupying shelving space in our stores.
  10. Disregard any rules if it is the Oak Ridge Boys.

Photo Credit: MayoPAC Flickr via Compfight cc


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