Phoenix, AZ – Sienna and John Craven, 27, were arrested outside of a Donald Trump rally over the weekend for assaulting Jacob Right, a Trump supporter, as he was entering the conference center to attend the rally.  Jacob was admitted to the local hospital for outpatient treatment of minor injuries.  He was unavailable for comment.

The Bald Prophet interviewed Sienna and John after they were released on bail on Sunday.  Sienna stated that they traveled to the rally from their home town of Los Angeles, CA with 50 members of their progressive non-denominational Christian church, First Harmony Church.  The group attended the rally to protest Trump and his supporters.   “John and I attended this rally to secretly hear Trump speak, since we intend to vote for him.  We’ve kept our views secret due to our congregation’s extreme hatred of Trump,” explained Sienna.  John added, “We didn’t want to cause any hurt feelings or be viewed as ‘Midwestern bigots,’ even though we’re both from the East Coast.  We thought the church leadership was beginning to suspect our views, and I guess we got carried away at the rally trying to prove that we despised anyone who supports Trump. Unfortunately, since the incident with Mr. Right, our church has become aware of our secret. We just couldn’t keep it a hidden anymore.”

Natalie Wolfe, senior pastor of First Harmony Church, stated that she was confused about the situation.  “Lying to your congregation just so you can fit in?  Yeah, that’s not a thing.  Here at Harmony, we pride ourselves in our practice of including everyone.  Our differences are what make us interesting and special.  It’s unacceptable to vote for a man who is just not inclusive.”  In response to Wolfe’s comment, Jessica Vassal, assistant pastor, stated, “same.”

Sienna stated that when she arrived at church on Sunday, a sign on the entrance door read “#nevertrumpsupporters”.  “I sat outside until the service was over.  Then, I walked to Natalie’s office and asked if we were still welcome to attend.  She laughed for what seemed like forever and then said ‘oh, you poor thing,’ and left her office.  I wasn’t sure what she meant, but she scared me a little.  I think we’ll probably have to find a new church.”

The Craven’s court date has been set for January 10, 2017.

By Kim King

Photo Credit: abbeymercando Flickr via Compfight cc

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