Virginia Beach, VA – Today the Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murphy, announced that the nation’s health has increased dramatically in the past two years.  “Heart attacks, strokes, depression, and the use of statins and blood pressure medication are all down,” explained Dr. Murphy.  “It took us a while to find the cause, since there were no statistical changes in eating habits, but we isolated one source.”

That source is Martin Reed.  Reed is an avid runner who posts every run from his running app on Facebook with an added sweaty selfie showing his short shorts or tights, depending on the season.  He started a movement.  All of his friends were inspired by the runs and began running and posting their runs to social media.  Running spread exponentially.

Charles, one of Reed’s friends, said, “After I saw his runs every day in my feed, I was convicted to subscribe to Runner’s World, get evaluated for some Brooks shoes, and get out there.  The posts weren’t annoying at all.  I actually hate running and soccer.  The nipple chafing is rough, but the power of social media overwhelmed me.”

Photo Credit: 4chionmarketing Flickr via Compfight cc


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