New York, NY — Citing a similarity in Twitter accuracy and polarizing comments, Eric Metaxas claims that God is calling him to run Donald Trump’s account once Trump becomes POTUS, something God told him would happen.

Metaxas explained, “God is not duped by issues or people I don’t agree with.  It’s amazing how my thoughts and His thoughts are so similar and that He conveys them to me personally.  As Scripture says, ‘For His thoughts are my thoughts, and my ways are His ways.”

He continued, “My research on Bonhoeffer also influenced my decision.  He once said, ‘Not to tweet for two leaders is to tweet for one of them.’”

Social media analysts believe that Metaxas will be the perfect pick for Trump.  One stated, “He is really good with tweeting things that are not carefully considered and deleting them later.”

By Dustin Fulton and The Bald Prophet

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore Flickr via Compfight cc

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