Des Moines, IA – Joshua Anderson, 18, a freshman majoring in History at Tennessee State College had his first college research paper returned to him this week and was devastated to receive a grade of “C.”

Reportedly the first “C” he’s gotten in his life, Anderson is deeply disappointed at what he describes as “a bad grade.” Despite being disappointed, Anderson doesn’t dispute the grade or his professor’s comments on the paper and hopes to do better on his next paper by starting a couple of days ahead of the due date.

When contacted by phone, Anderson’s professor declined to comment, citing federal educational privacy laws, but did state for the record, “‘C’ is not a bad grade. It’s average. Most students are average.”

Joshua’s mother Georgia Anderson said she was “really surprised” at her son’s grade. “I don’t see how he could have gotten a ‘C.’ When he graduated last year, he was class valedictorian,” Anderson, who homeschooled Joshua, said.

By Karen Swallow Prior, author of Fierce Convictions


One thought on “Local Student Devastated to Receive “C” on First College Paper

  1. Parents of homeschooled kids really call you en masse? Tell the truth. Because I know quite a few kids that got their drawers a knot over less than an A and they were not homeschooled. They were, however, the first born.


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