Anderson, SC – Husband, Bryce Collins, is currently sleeping on the couch due to his response to his wife’s expression of need.  Recently, he was spending inordinate amounts of time with his friends working on his fantasy football team.  In a passive-aggressive response to the situation, his wife, Nicole, tweeted about fantasy football with #YourWifeMatters.

Discerning the nature of the tweet, Bryce responded with #AllWivesMatter.  The hashtag was adopted by most of his friends and is currently trending on Twitter.  Husbands have been using it to respond to inquiries such as holding the door for other wives and helping neighbors’ wives lift something heavy when their husbands are deployed.

“I don’t see the big deal,” said Bryce.  “It is a true statement.  Some wives play fantasy football.  Jerry’s wife is in our league.  Louise and I talk about our teams everyday.  I simply don’t see why it has to just be about Nicole.”


Photo Credit: outopian Flickr via Compfight cc

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