Grayson, KY – An anonymous source, who was in the closed door discussions leading up to the merger announcement between Cincinnati Christian University (CCU) and Kentucky Christian University (KCU), reports the merger would have failed without Jim Estep.  Dr. James Estep is Professor of Christian Education at Lincoln Christian University, but his three degrees from CCU, and his former Provost role at KCU, provided him with the unique ability to save the merger before it fell apart.

Our source says, “KCU administration was about to walk, so they called in Jim to mediate.  They were on board within minutes. Jim said, ‘What if I can deliver on a Skyline Chili location being built right next to KCU’s campus?’”

For years many suspected Jim was one of the silent board members for Skyline:  He has a brick from their original building.  All the employees know his name.  He knows how to clean a penny with the hot sauce.  His gastrointestinal track is made of steel.

A few are not excited about the merger, but others have highlighted benefits for both schools including a higher literacy rate for Carter County.


Photo Credit: rossvelazquez via Compfight cc


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