Minneapolis, MN — Apparently not all press is good press for pastor and author John Piper. Citing his frequent appearance in articles on Christian satire sites such as The Babylon Bee (TBB), Piper is undergoing therapy for Post Traumatic Satire Disorder (PTSaD) at an undisclosed retreat center. “John was becoming obsessed with how often he was being written about in the Bee,” said family spokesman Martin Edwards. “He was getting to the point where he thought some of the articles had actually happened. He clearly had lost all sense of reality.”

A search of TBB’s web site shows that Piper has been the focus of 15 articles since March of 2016, outpacing other pastors by a wide margin. “The frequency makes no sense to us. Even Joel Osteen has only been referenced 11 times, and he’s an easy target,” said Edwards. “I guess it doesn’t help being the poster child of Calvinism. He’s the prime target for every predestination joke out there.” The family is requesting a moratorium on any further Piper satire articles until Piper can recover. “We know it is tough since Mark Driscoll isn’t in the spotlight anymore, but maybe they can write more satire on Matt Chandler for a while.”

Since being named PTSaD in 2014 by University of Missouri School of Journalism Professor Stephanie Davis, the American Psychiatric Association has been quick to recognize it as a legitimate mental illness. “While any public figure is susceptible to PTSaD, politicians and rock stars seem to be especially vulnerable,” noted Davis. “John Piper is clearly in that rock star category whose artistic wiring makes it difficult to separate satire from reality.”

By Dustin Fulton


By Micah Chiang (https://www.flickr.com/photos/micah_68/5170297736/) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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