Richmond, VA – The Bald Prophet received the exciting opportunity to interview Dr. Jacques Assey, Esteemed Professor of Biblical Theology at Richmond Christian College.  We had received reports that Dr. Assey was not fellowshipping with Christians more conservative than him, so we wanted to find out what was behind his decision.

BP:  Dr. Assey, we have heard reports of you not fellowshipping with Christians that are more conservative than you.  Is that true?

A:  Yes.  They are so naïve and so close-minded.  I have a Ph.D.  What do they have?

BP:  How are they naïve?

A:  They think Paul wrote Hebrews, the flood made the Grand Canyon, and they love visiting the Ark Encounter.  Did I mention I have a Ph.D.?

BP:  Yes, you did.  Do you teach Sunday school or in a small group at your church?

A:  No, but I did suggest people buy my book.  It’s only $200 from Brill.  I do have a Ph.D.

After the interview concluded, Dr. Assey returned to the safe space of his office filled with books.


Photo Credit: Elizabethtown College Marketing and Communications via Compfight cc


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