Calais, France – Donald Trump has moved on to building walls in other parts of the world, since the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nietoto refuses to pay for the wall on the US-Mexican Border.  In addition to increasing the height of the Great Wall of China, and the wall around Vatican City, he is currently planning on building a wall in Calais to prevent migrants from entering the United Kingdom.

Trump explained, while eating a falafel burger at his desk, “The wall will be huge, and the UK will pay for it.  The French love migrants and refugees just like me.  They love Roma, Muslims, and especially women in burkinis.  They have no reason to prevent movement of those living in the Calais Jungle.”

All Brits are depressed, since the announcement about The Great Wall of Calais.  One woman from London said, “How can we make fun of Trump now?  How will we prove we are better, and more enlightened than the Americans?  Brexit and now this! The only thing we have left is how they put cheese on everything!”

Opponents of the wall have been using #shawarmatrucksoneverycorner to spread their message on social media.


Photo Credit: Mike Licht, via Compfight cc

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