Joplin, MO – In honor of Dr. Jack Cottrell’s retirement from teaching at Cincinnati Christian University, College Press Publishing will officially change their name to Jack Cottrell’s Printer. The only employee and operator spoke with us to break the news: “This is the perfect time to change our name. Dr. Cottrell has always been our bestselling author—he’s our bread and butter. Everything we have printed with his name on it has sold like hot cakes, while everything else sits and has lost me my lunch money. In fact, we haven’t paid any other author their contracted book royalties in years. So, we decided that the name should reflect who we really are. Plus, we actually are relocating to Jack’s basement. We can’t afford rent.”

Along with the name change, Jack Cottrell’s Printer will wirelessly publish all of Dr. Cottrell’s written works through his home network. The CWC (Collected Works of Cottrell) will include reprints of books, magazine articles, and internet postings. Projected volumes include:

  • Vol 1: Women Don’t Preach
  • Vol 2: Spiritual Gifts Are Demonic
  • Vol 3: God is Arminian
  • Vol 4: Novel Grace
  • Vol 5: Immersion or Hell
  • Vol 6: You’re Not Conservative Enough
  • Vol 7: We Are the Only Christians
  • Vol 8: What Jack Cottrell Says About the Bible

By Alexander Foster McGarvey



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