Recent Complementarians such as Bruce Ware and Wayne Grudem have been accused of using a subordinationist view of the Son to support their complementarian view.

Not believing they have employed enough heterodoxy for their cause, Complementarian Subordinationists have created a new manifesto that utilizes more heresies to support their understanding of a woman’s role.  Here are a few of excerpts.

  • Apollinarianism: The Logos prevents men from winning arguments.
  • Sabellianism: Woman has the modes of wife, mother, and dishwasher, but she is one woman.
  • Arianism: There was a time when her cooking was naught.
  • Macedonianism: It could be worse.
  • Monothelitism: A wife has one will, that of her husband’s.
  • Monophysitism: Women have one nature, barefoot and pregnant.
  • Trumpism: Trump likes women, so women will be better off.

By The Bald Prophet and Justin Schwartz


Photo Credit: Prima Wetter via Compfight cc

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