In a move straight out of a prophet’s playbook, supporters of the Restoration Herald (RH) sent a male streaker to disrupt Cincinnati Christian University’s inaugural football game against Union. The streaker, with ‘Strip CCU of Football’ painted across his chest, ran across the field early in the second quarter. RH members immediately took to print to claim responsibility for the incident. Their response is expected to hit mailboxes by next Tuesday.

In a twist of irony, the streaker distracted Union’s defense, allowing CCU’s running back Joe McKerns to score the school’s first ever touchdown. In an interview at halftime, McKerns said, “It all was happening behind us, so we didn’t even know about it until we were celebrating the touchdown. But hey, we didn’t even think we’d score today, so we’ll take it any way we can get it.”

When videos of the incident that were posted on Twitter by CCU students went viral, ESPN shared the post and is expected to share it on tonight’s edition of Sports Center. A source close to ESPN also mentioned that executives with the network were considering using a photo of the incident for its popular “ESPN The Body” issue, further cementing CCU’s reputation as an upper tier party school.

By Dustin Fulton


Photo Credit: Anz-i via Compfight cc


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