Tulsa, OK – Admissions officers at Tulsa Christian College recently discovered the long-lost academic catalog for their institution.  They found it while scouring the rubble left behind following the tragic death of the Registrar’s Office staff due to a devastating tornado that leveled the area.

One of the admissions counselors, Hilkiah Black, stumbled upon the Sacred Book of the Academic Laws after rescuers had cleared the area.  He presented it to Shaphan Wright, the Director of Admissions, who presented it to the Vice President of Enrollment, Josiah Melek.  After the VP tore his clothes, he read the holy catalog to the admissions officers.

Following the reading, Hilkiah said, “I never knew we had that program.  This is really exciting.  I have to tell people about this opportunity.”  Shaphan exclaimed, “I am amazed by the amount of useful information in this book!  So many of my questions are answered.”

Josiah then declared that they would celebrate the yearly release of the new catalog, which had not been celebrated since the days of the Vice Presidents.  During the celebration, admissions will renew its covenant by requiring official transcripts.


Photo Credit:  Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (1794-1872) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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