Miami, FL – Miami Christian College has found success with enrolling female students this new school year by making their campus the filming location for the new reality tv show “The Bachelor: Christian Edition.” Participants on the show are drawn from the pool of enrolled students and filming will take place during the semesters. Instead of the usual mansion, the producers are using the campus and dorms for an authentic Christian courtship environment. The show will be hosted by famed author of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” Joshua Harris.

Mark Driscoll, new president of the school, told us that he was simply leveraging the school’s strengths. “Move-in day and the ensuing semester are essentially The Bachelor already. Why not call it what it is and make some money? I know what I’m doing. I cracked the top 10 list of books for The New York Times Best Sellers.”

The school continues to be on the cutting edge of the changing Christian college environment since hiring blogger Matt Walsh as the head of the marketing department. They are further rebranding to go along with The Bachelor, advertising with the taglines “Ring by Spring” and “Smoking Hot Wife,” and offering bachelor degrees.*** The board of trustees is also considering adding a football team to the school if the TV show does not lead to increased male student enrollment.

***After graduation from Miami Christian College, you may become the bachelor and receive a degree recognizing this, but it will not be a bachelor’s of arts or science recognized by another institution.

By Justin Schwartz


Photo Credit: yausser via Compfight cc


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