Washington, DC – This week, President Obama issued an executive order that the law of non-contradiction is discriminatory.  Those who claim that A and not-A are different things will be in violation and fined for their claim.

The President said, “Aristotle was an ancient, naive bigot.  We have progressed beyond the boundaries of primitive reason.  You can’t make people believe this law of reason that prevents them from experiencing the modern, American value of freedom.”

The decision comes in the wake of the Department of Education’s call for schools to recognize a student’s gender identity based on their own opinion regardless of their biological sex.  The president explained, “Gender is a social construct.  It is not biological.  Sex is biological, not a social construct.  Title IX, however, denies discrimination on the basis of sex, but I want to deny discrimination based on gender identity.  So, I had to deny the law of non-contradiction.  It’s the right thing to do.  It’s who we are.”

One reporter asked, “Can conspiracy theorists who deny the authenticity of your birth certificate be correct at the same time you declare it is authentic?” The president replied, “No comment.”


Photo Credit: Lykourgos via Compfight cc


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