Freeport, ME – L. L. Bean has responded to numerous requests from hipster pastors to design skinny waders for baptisms.  In one letter, Phil Webster, senior pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Des Moines, IA, wrote, “The standard waders are so bulky.  I am preaching in sleek threads with sweet style, and then I have to ruin all of that when we have a baptism.  Can you please help?”

The new waders are really hard to identify from the pews.  They are designed to look exactly like a pair of skinny jeans with some sleek, leather-looking shoes at the bottom.  The most astounding feature is the cuff, or tight roll, on the bottom of the jeans with the faux ankle skin showing.  L. L. Bean has also produced a line of plaid suspenders to meet the pastor’s style needs while meeting a practical purpose.

Sales are booming around the country.  The new product is apparently so successful that some Presbyterians have started performing believer’s immersion, so they can wear the new product.


Photo Credit: Margaret Stranks via Compfight cc


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