Minneapolis, MN — This week, WikiLeaks released receipts that reveal John Piper’s clandestine buyout of all books supportive of New Perspective (NP) on Paul.  Christians in America are in complete shock that Piper would resort to such tactics.  Due his plan, N. T. Wright’s text, Paul and the Faithfulness of God, has been unavailable in the US for the last 6 months.  Scholars had wondered why they were unable to find the text, but now they know.

Piper has been asked to step down from DesiringGod.org due to calls of those who support the NP and their outrage over his censorship of N. T. Wright’s works.

Reformed Christians have blamed Russia for the leak.  They speculate that Vladimir Putin would like to drive a wedge between Christians in America and the UK over the leak, especially with Brexit and recent calls by Trump to abandon NATO.

Recently, Roger Olson’s Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities has disappeared according to an official at Christian Book Distributors.  Why I Am Not a Calvinist by Jerry L. Walls and Joseph R. Dongell is also becoming scarce.  When Donald Trump was asked his opinion on the issue, he said, “The Russians can release more receipts if they are able to find them.  As a faithful Presbyterian, I love Arminian theology and Arminians love me.”


Photo Credit: Фото Москвы Moscow-Live.ru via Compfight cc

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