LINCOLN, NE—Unwilling to resign from his admission into the Facebook group “Super Special Preachers,” Lakeland Christian College employee Stan Simpson stands firm that he belongs. “I’ve preached before! I talk to preachers all the time! I’m one of them.” Simpson told sources. “We live in a time of inclusion. We need each other.”

Several true preachers within the group have started a petition to get Simpson removed. “He just doesn’t belong,” one preacher told sources. “While we deeply value Christian community, there are places that preachers just need to bond together,” a true preacher within the group stated through a non-attribution statement.

When asked about the preaching material he has read lately, Simpson referenced a few obscure blogs and a sermon by Andy Stanley.

For the casual observer, Simpson’s involvement seems somewhat mixed. His engagement is relatively low. Yet, when this issue is addressed from group administrators, the problem revolves around the lack of benefits added from a non-preacher. “Look at his last post. It only received 17 likes. C’mon, that shows a complete lack of relevance,” an anonymous group member stated.

The fate of the member status of the college employee remains to be seen. In the meantime, another Facebook group has emerged called “Extra Special Preacher Group: Part Deux.”

By Frank Sanders


Photo Credit: hulieoh via Compfight cc


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