Scranton, PA – Dan Peters, Worship Pastor at Grace Church, has released the new guidelines for volunteers who operate the soundboard during the worship service.  As with all rules, they were created in response to an actual event.  All who are interested in the ministry, and say they “like technology,” will need to meet these criteria.

  1. Breathing
  2. No narcolepsy
  3. Not deaf in both ears
  4. Not blind
  5. Has at least two fingers
  6. Has heard of the word “bass” (from another source than Meghan Trainor)
  7. Has been to a concert
  8. Owns some CDs or Mp3s
  9. Owns no Kenny G albums
  10. Owns no Carman albums

At tryouts, Peters plans to let them listen to Oasis’ album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory and ask them if it sounds good.  If they say anything short of “it sounds great,” they have the job.


Photo Credit: geekknot via Compfight cc


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