Murphy, NC – Despite not discussing the mower or the minister’s excessive two weeks of vacation, Tuesday’s elders meeting got heated again.  One of the elders, Fred Mullins, was irate about the proposed removal of the pulpit.  Proponents thought the change would be a better fit for the casual preaching style of the current minister, and it allowed for more flexibility on stage for the worship team.  In opposition, Fred said, “Red Road Christian Church has always had a pulpit.  That is what we have done for 100 years.  How could it be different?  It is the tradition of our church.”

Other elders were not surprised by Fred’s reaction.  “He did the same thing when the organ was swapped for a keyboard,” explained Bill Rice.

On other occasions Fred has dismissed “man-made traditions.”

  • On books – “I only need the Bible. I don’t need anyone else’s books, commentaries, or past teachings.  I don’t care who said what for the last 2,000 years.”
  • On the Trinity – “That word is not used in the Bible.”
  • On responsive readings – “That sounds too Catholic.”
  • On praying or singing a psalm – “Our church just doesn’t do that.”
  • On Advent – “That’s superstition.”

We tried to interview Fred, but he was purchasing the Christmas decorations for the sanctuary.  Bill said, “As chair of the Christmas Committee, he takes his job very seriously and starts months in advance.”


Photo Credit: barnabas14 via Compfight cc

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