Knoxville, TN/Fullerton, CA — Following the mergers between Florida Christian College and Johnson University (JU), and Hope International University (HIU) and Nebraska Christian College, the presidents of JU and HIU are in a contest to see who can annex the next Christian college first.

In an email exchange between Dr. Gary Weedman and Dr. John Derry, Weedman said, “If I win, you have to wear bow ties for a year.  If you win, I have to switch to neckties for a year.”

After this wager is resolved, they plan to create a version of Monopoly involving the remaining Christian colleges in the brotherhood of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ.  The winner gets to acquire all the schools including his opponent’s.  Due to their large endowment, JU is sitting on Boardwalk.

The winning president will change his school’s mission statement to “Resistance is futile.”

Dr. Brian Smith, President of Dallas Christian College, said, “If they take us, we will secede.  Don’t mess with Texas.”


Photo Credit: Neli’s timeframe via Compfight cc


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