Los Angeles, CA – In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ian Reeves, noted actor of the big and small screens, indicated that belief in a higher power sustained his family through a rough time.  “God, he or she,” said Reeves, “was a source of strength after my child was in a major accident and fighting for her life.  Prayers to this higher power, wherever, whatever, and whoever it is, was an amazing comfort.”

Based on this vague declaration, the story, “Hollywood Told Reeves Not to Talk about God, But Look What He Did Next,” has been the top trending story on social media thanks to evangelical Christians.  The story declared Reeves was a loyal church member, a regular reader of the Bible, and had a completely orthodox understanding of Christ’s human and divine natures.

Reeves’ next film is NC-17, and he has planned pilgrimage to attend a pagan festival at Stonehenge.


Photo Credit: noqontrol via Compfight cc

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