Topeka, KS – Members of the Westboro Baptist Church are picketing outside of their church with signs saying, “God Hates Gays.”  Locals were confused, because they appeared to be picketing their own church.  One local man said, “How can there be gays in their church?”

On further investigation, members are picketing the gay Pokémon character, Clefairy, residing at their church thanks to the new release of Pokémon Go.  “God hates gay Pokémon just like gay people,” explained one member.  “Ok, they aren’t real, but he still hates them.  We haven’t had time to update our signs yet.”

Some members believe that Armageddon will be fought in the augmented reality  of Pokémon Go.


Photo Credit: Pink Happiny Kitty via Compfight cc

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