Jeff Goldblum will play Bill Nye the Science Guy in the next Jurassic Park.  Based on Bill Nye’s recent visit to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter, the film will tell an unbelievable story that pits two philosophically opposite men in an epic battle with dinosaurs.  Goldblum said, “It’s kind of like Snakes on a Plane, but Wesley Snipes is not in it, there is no plane, and there are dinosaurs.”

The screenwriter explained, “Imagine there is a flood that wipes out the Nazis trying to acquire the Ark.  Nye and Ham are trapped with the dinosaurs on the Ark.  These dinosaurs aren’t the fake ones at the theme park but are re-created from some DNA Ken Ham was able to extract from ancient amber.”

We spoke with fans of the other Jurassic Park films, and the general desire is that a velociraptor eats Goldblum early in the film, because it’s Jeff Goldblum.


Photo Credit: gdcgraphics via Compfight cc


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