Lynchburg, VA – Jerry Falwell Jr. announced a new degree program focusing on ministering to the online gaming community via Twitch yesterday. “We recognize that online gaming is the new gathering place for many of today’s young people. Our desire is to appropriately prepare ministers to effectively communicate the gospel in this growing area of socialization.” The announcement came shortly after Jerry and his team, “The Holy Rollers,” had lost another League of Legends match. Player pwnd2dabone, one of Falwell’s teammates, commented after the announcement, “If Falwell paid as much attention to the game as he did to running the school the Rollers might have a winning record.”

“The interaction between online communities and faith communities have always overlapped, but there has been little formal training on the best practices for communicating the gospel within the context of the gaming world. With the number of people involved in online gaming ever growing the church must be proactive in participating in that media,” a recent press release explained. Included with the press release were policy changes for faculty and staff to encourage online gaming during work hours. This unusual amendment was enacted “to gather first-hand information on gaming culture.” (Preliminary testing left many volunteers seeking out safe spaces after hearing several no-no words.)

Introductory courses for the program include Ethical Dimensions of the First Person Shooter, Finding the Redemptive Story in GTA, and Evangelistic Trash Talk. Intramural teams are also planned for Rocket League, FIFA, and Madden NFL 17. The academic team responsible for the new program was unavailable for comment as they were out playing Pokémon Go.

By Martin Bender of Two Beard Preachers


Photo Credit: PixelMakerEric via Compfight cc

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