Cambridge, MA – Dr. Karen King of Harvard University has declared a new manuscript fake.  The manuscript claimed that Jesus’ bride is the Church.  King explained, “Even though the Coptic manuscript was found in situ at a dig site in Egypt, and passes all dating and paleographic analyses, it is a fake.”

Next week King plans to announce the authenticity of two manuscripts that describe Jesus.  One indicates Jesus was in a gay relationship with John.  The other indicates he was transgender.

“These manuscripts are more likely authentic,” King explained, “because they came from a secret, shady pornographer and con artist.  And, no, I am not bothered by the Coptic language issues or similarities to a source posted on the internet.  These manuscripts really highlight all of the other legitimate, ancient versions of Christianity that we can appropriate to support out current biases.”


See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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