, the popular Christian dating site, has added options for polygamists following a lawsuit brought by the stars of Sister Wives. Lawyers for the plaintiffs argued that “sexual orientation” is protected by California law, and polygamist men are oriented to having sex with multiple wives eternally.  They explained, “Our clients always knew they were polygamist  from an early age. They have discovered their true selves. They, and others like them, no longer have to suppress who they are.”

A spokesman for the site said, “Our enhancements are not only for men.  We also tailor the search experience to meet the needs of women who enjoy male oppression and female competition and jealousy. This way they can find their sisters.”

“Obergefell paved the way for polygamous marriage,” said Patriarch, Kody Brown. “This lawsuit is a great win for the Fundamentalist Mormon Community.”

ChristianMingle issued guarantees for men and women:

Men – “Use our site, and you will become a god that rules and populates an entire planet.”

Women – “Use our site, and you will bear celestial babies for all of eternity.”


Photo Credit: via Compfight cc


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