Van Buren, Arkansas – Jonathan Dugan, preaching minister of Christ’s Church, declared himself the most discerning man on the internet in a recent blog post. “There’s a lot of nonsense out there, and I’m just trying to point it out to anyone who cares about the Jesus and his Church,” Dugan said when asked about his online ministry. Pastor Dugan is the owner, operator, and sole writer of, a wildly unpopular discernment blog.

“In my sermon research, I kept noticing terrible theology, licentiousness, and immorality of those claiming to be Christians on the internet. Being gifted by the Spirit with the burden of discernment, I had no choice but to point out the flaws in lifestyle and thought of popular writers online.” Dugan began his online efforts by commenting on articles but felt too restrained by word limits and interaction with those he was criticizing. “Calling people to repentance is much easier when you are doing it on your own site. Sure they may never read it, but this way I can focus on denouncing heretics without having to interact with them.”

When asked why he thought he was the most discerning man on the internet Jonathan replied, “I’ve called many a man to repentance, but none have called me out, at least no one who is truly discerning. I’ve found I have to use my God-given discernment on myself, and I have never seen myself as being as wretched as all those sinners out there on the web saying this and that without even a reference to the Authorized Version of the Scriptures.”

Pastor Dugan plans to hold a discernment conference later this year where he will be the sole organizer, speaker, and attendee.

By Martin Bender of Two Bearded Preachers


Photo Credit: expatminister via Compfight cc


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