Flounderville, TX – In an effort to become more culturally relevant in the pulpit, Pastor Stephen Parker religiously views Matt Walsh’s blog for sermon ideas. “I got tired of all the blank stares from the audience and the teenagers texting during the message. It’s so important to be relevant in this postmodern culture, and I think [Walsh] has a finger on the pulse of America,” said Parker. “He truly understands what it means to be a conservative, truth-teller in these last days.”

Parker chose this approach because, “Matt knows how to make a splash. His posts always seem to generate a lot of comments and opinions on my Facebook news feed. I thought I could use that to my advantage.” Parker added, “Besides, my congregation already knows those old Bible stories anyway, but the blog is always fresh and new. It’s just the right mix of humor and moral outrage.”

When asked about his new blog-based sermons, member Patty Douglas remarked, “His sermons really seem to hit the issues. I feel like he’s preaching from all of the major headlines.” Dave Fender added, “Last week’s sermon on Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton kept my attention the whole twenty five minutes! It’s been years since I’ve stayed awake during an entire sermon!” The kids in the youth group also appreciate the sermons. Senior at Flounderville Community High School, Maddie Davis glowed as she said, “Pastor Parker is a genius! He’s so genuine and authentic! I love his passion for the truth…no matter how he comes across to people. It’s just so honest.”

There’s a segment of regular church-goers who do not appreciate their pastor’s new direction, but Parker is convinced that this is the right call. “I’m sure the apostle Paul had his critics on Mars Hill, but at the end of the day; he chose to be culturally relevant. That’s the most important thing.”

By Gregory Anonyzianzus


Photo Credit: notashamed via Compfight cc


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