Columbia, MO – High school freshman, Bethany Willis, was recently grounded by her parents for sneaking out of the house to meet her boyfriend and lying about it.  As the perfect punishment, Mr. and Mrs. Willis, members at Risen Community Church, have forbidden her from attending the More Like Jesus Teen Conference next week despite already paying the $300 registration for the event.

The conference is a week-long event that includes corporate worship, private Bible-reading and prayer, and preaching by nationally renowned speakers.  Bethany’s youth minister, Doug (last name unknown), was disappointed by the decision:  “I was really hoping Bethany could go because of her sporadic attendance at church services and youth group.  Her concerned peers think she is a different person while in community with other believers.”

Mrs. Willis explained the reasoning behind the Willis’ decision: “This will teach her to obey her parents and get some honesty.”  (Mr. Willis secretly told us later that he was worried about wasting the registration money.)

Bethany’s older sister, Meg, is currently in college and, unfortunately, no longer attends a local church or a campus ministry.  “My parents supported Meg’s volleyball career hoping for a scholarship and the Olympics.  She didn’t go to youth group much,” said Bethany.  When asked if she plays volleyball anymore, she responded, “No, but she can do an awesome keg stand.”


Photo Credit: inspirationsyouth via Compfight cc

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