Port St. Lucie, FL – Les Lanphere’s Kickstarter campaign to fund his “Calvinist Documentary Film” quickly raised more than enough funds to make his movie with many days to spare.  If more money is received, he will be able to purchase the rights to use early Caedmon’s Call (aka Calvinist Call) songs for the soundtrack.

After only seeing the promotional video, Christianity Today (CT) gave the film 5 points.  “4 points wouldn’t be enough,” said the reviewer.  “There is no unlimited atonement in this film.”

With the historically tight connection between CT’s leadership and Calvin College and Wheaton College, the positive review was predestined.

The reviewer also noted, “The film will only be shown in elect theaters.  Arminians will not be able to persevere through the film.  Whoever likes the film will be assured of their effectual calling.”

President R. Albert Mohler Jr. tells us Southern Seminary plans to incorporate the final film into their new student orientation.


Photo credit: Formerly attributed to Hans Holbein the Younger (1497/1498–1543) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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