Ashton PA – WONE FM 87.3 is under investigation for repeatedly playing faith-based songs from bands that are not exclusively labeled as, “Christian” in the mainstream media. WONE has recently featured tunes from musicians like: U2, Mumford & Sons, Carrie Underwood, and even some old hits from Creed.

The local Christian Bookstore Pure&Noble first noticed the songs as they played in their downtown store. “Several soccer moms left without buying anything,” said assistant manager Scott Strap. “Our sales on Christian breath-mints, Bible covers, and decorative crosses have plummeted 20% since WONE has included these bands.”

That’s not the worst of it, though. According to Pure&Noble’s manager, Amy Brant, their store has seen an increase in non-Christians patronizing their store. “It’s hard to be a distinct witness in your community when people think you’re just a regular bookstore. We had to put up a sign out front that says: “We don’t sell the Hunger Games or Harry Potter,” said Brant.

When asked why she walked out of the store, Dianne Gladstone states, “Musicians should be clear on their intentions. There should be no confusion when it comes to what sort of art I am consuming. What if my kids were with me? We don’t need that sort of ambiguity in our lives.” Becky Gelke echoed those sentiments by saying, “I listen to Christian radio to be encouraged and uplifted, not to be confused. How can a song be uplifting unless the message is clear and without nuance? Some of those songs didn’t even explicitly mention Jesus!”

When asked to comment, WONE said, “They planned to use the songs as a bridge into their community, but the backlash was just too strong.” Instead, the station plans to have a Worship Music Marathon that only features popular worship leaders like Chris Tomlin and David Crowder singing old hymns.

WONE’s official press release states, “We are sorry for any spiritual distress we may have caused your family by playing these songs; it will never happen again.” WONE will be receiving pledges this week to help support their commercial-free and pop-culture-free music selection. Tune in to FM 87.3 to learn more.

By Tim Barbee


Photo Credit: elsa11 via Compfight cc

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