Franklin, TN — Two visitors to a recent church picnic accidentally burned to death during a “Fiery Furnace Relay” game. Participants competed two at a time in a race across a 50-foot-long bed of hot coals.

Pastor Obadiah Dale of First Church of the Bible said he got the idea after hearing about a similar “fire walk” event conducted by motivational speaker Tony Robbins. Dozens of people, however, were burned at a Tony Robbins conference during a fire walk just last week.

“They were the first two to go,” said Dale. “They just caught fire after three or four steps and their bodies turned to ash—poof. Never seen anything like it. I’m not sure we can tell what’s left of them from the coals. Needless to say, we stopped the game after that.”

The church had planned the game as part of its annual Summer in the Son BBQ outreach to the community.

“I reckon we had the heat turned up a little too much,” he added. “The two visitors—I don’t recall their names now—they volunteered, I’d like to point out.”

Police are investigating the situation.

By Anonymous


Photo Credit: McShug via Compfight cc

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