In a surprising turn of events at its latest meeting, the Evangelicals’ Theological Society has made a difficult transition toward coming out against advocating the penal substitution model of the atonement in that it “might be taken as tacit support of transgenderism.”

While older members tried to raise the objection that this doctrinal conviction is (or at least used to be) an undeniable pillar of Evangelical truth, their concerns were ineffectual. The younger members were chiefly concerned that misunderstanding might undercut the ability of Evangelicalism to insert itself and make its vital concerns felt in the broader culture wars.

“Our fear,” said ETS representative Willard Woodman, “is that the language of ‘penal substitution’ might lead uneducated laymen to exchange a proper understanding of mollifying a wrathful God for something sinful or even distasteful.”

By Johannes Anonymous


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