Kokomo, IN — Third Street Christian Church announced a new building project to coincide with its members’ inability to agree on replacing the existing pews with new chairs in the current sanctuary.

“We’re running out of space and figured we could put people closer together in chairs than on the pews,” said elder board chairman Frank Meany. “We were just going to take out the pews and get those nice stacking chairs like they have in the big churches. But some of the traditionalists said, no, this is church—we’re sitting on oak pews like the apostles did. So we reached a compromise and will build a new chapel and that’s where we’ll put the new chairs. So, really, it pretty much solves the space problem, too.”

The church building, originally constructed in 1913, has seen its share of controversy over the years.

“The Carpet Fiasco of ’58, that was a doozy,” said Meany. “I was just a kid at the time but I can remember my parents coming home from meetings, all upset. The carpet in the foyer needed replaced and nobody could agree on the color. That went on for months, caused a lot of heartache for folks. Some left the church.”

“And you don’t even want to know about the Basement Kitchen Paint Debate of ’72,” added Meany.

The church sees an opportunity, though, to use the new space as it looks to the future.

“Some of the folks have wanted to start a contemporary music Sunday service, too, which would never have flown in the old sanctuary,” said Meany. “That could go in the chapel with the new chairs.”

By Michael Gowin


Photo Credit: HeyRickD via Compfight cc


One thought on “Church Constructing Separate ‘Chapel’ to Avoid Sacred Pew Removal

  1. Great article! The sad part is it is too close to the truth. When we made this move at the church where I serve, you would think we crucified Christ all over again. Longest year of my ministry life. It is amazing how a vocal few can hurt others so badly. It is a blessing at the level of support we received from the vast majority of our church community.

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