New York, NY – On Tuesday, Trump met with evangelical leaders.  Together they discussed topics including religious freedom and Supreme Court nominations.  During the meeting, he offered a groundbreaking interpretation of One Timothy 2:2:  “When it says to pray for kings and other leaders, that means to get out the vote.  Everyone knows kings were democratically elected at this time.  Voter turnout was amazing.  Also, the Christians would have never have prayed for the leaders that persecuted them.  That is ridiculous.”

When asked about the novel interpretation, he defended it saying, “I am a tremendous biblical scholar.  I have the best commentaries.  They are yuge sets.  My large hands on the mouse and keyboard can do functions with Logos you have never seen before.  I do the best word studies.  Trump University will offer a Certificate in Biblical Exegesis.  We will have the best biblical scholars.  We are going to make exegesis great again.”

When asked if the passage had anything to do with prayer, he responded, “Yes.  Once I am King…President…of the US, you should pray for me, but don’t pray for Obama now.  Just get out the vote to defeat Hillary.”


Photo Credit: @BrianMetz via Compfight cc

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