Aurora, CO — Teens at Sonrise Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) will soon be playing with their smartphones on new (to them) furniture in The Hangout, the church’s youth ministry room.

“It’s AWESOME,” said Blake Bismuth, youth pastor at Sonrise. “We’ll get sofas, tables, and chairs in The Hangout from other parts of the church building. And they’re only a little bit scuffed and stuff, not ripped up and falling apart like the things we have now. The students will LOVE it—especially since it speaks so powerfully to their sense of eco-justice: reduce, reuse, recycle.”

New furniture will be purchased for areas of the church campus used by grownups. As in the past, the old furniture is being passed along to the youth ministry program.

“While we’d like to have new resources for all our ministries, the budget is limited so we have to set priorities,” said chief executive administrative pastor Tym Costas. “But it’s definitely a goal we’re aiming at for the future,” he added hopefully.

According to a blog post on the church’s website, the forthcoming renovated areas will include several adult classrooms, the staff conference room, c-suite staff offices, and the coffee shop.

By Michael Gowin


Photo Credit: librarygirl via Compfight cc


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