Lexington, MN – A wave of complaints about the use of the Bible has arisen from pre-teens living in Lexington that attended family camp together at New Covenant Bible Camp in McGregor, MN. Even parents are expressing their disdain on Twitter, complaining that education is the camp’s responsibility. We have the inside scoop from several of the young campers and parents.

Alice, a twelve year old camper, told us, “Our Bible study leader asked us if we had read ‘Philippians.’ All of the kids just looked at him, confused. He then started naming off ‘Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts…’ and some other stuff until he finally stopped talking after he said ‘Philippians,’ again! He then went on to say, ‘You know…in the New Testament.’ It was babble.”

Macy, a thirteen year old camper, said with disdain, “My mom blurted out, ‘Kids! Near the back of the Bible!’ And there was a lot of rustling of pages. Then she said, ‘No, that’s the front! Wayyyyyy in the back.’ Finally someone else’s dad gave everyone the page number. Then, if you can believe it, our leader asked us to volunteer to read out loud something I’d never read before. I don’t even know what Philippians is!”

One parent, Steve, told us that they had one Bible study the first full day and sang one worship song one time at the two evening campfires, saying that “It was too much of that stuff.”

Chase, an eleven year old camper, expressed with disappointment, “I didn’t know that church camp involved studying the Bible. I thought it would be just like going to church on Sunday, but at a campground.”

By Justin Schwartz


Photo Credit: irina_kra via Compfight cc

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